Q: English and Dutch webshop. How, what and where?
A: Via the flag at the top left of the page you can navigate between the Dutch webshop and the English webshop.

Q: How do I download a freebie?
A: If you have seen a freebie in the webshop, put it in your shopping cart, follow the steps and at payment options, click on “0.00 euro in your shopping cart” (not on Ideal or Paypal). Just like with a paid pattern, you will receive an e-mail with the download link to download it for free.

Q: Downloading does not work from the webshop after paying, what now?
A: After purchasing patterns you will always receive an e-mail immediately, at the e-mail address you provided. There you will see an invoice with all data and the download links to the patterns. Pay attention! The links only work for 30 days, so download the patterns within this time, because they are not saved in your account. You can only download 1 pattern from the webshop and that is why I always recommend downloading from your e-mail.

Q: Didn't receive an e-mail after purchase?
A: Check your spam filter first.

Q: Is there an English description available?
A: All projects have a description in Dutch and English. The top line of the description is in Dutch and the bottom line is in English.

Q: Can I sell finished projects?
A: I always refer you to the general terms and conditions for these types of questions, the general terms and conditions can be found in the webshop, on the website and with all patterns.
It is allowed to sell made projects up to 300 pieces per pattern, if more than 300 pieces please contact 10's Embroidery for consultation. Sharing and selling of patterns is not allowed. However, you should refer to the 10's Embroidery site when selling a project made from a 10's Embroidery pattern.

Q: Login is not possible, what now?
A: Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address and the correct password. Logging in is case sensitive, so please note that an e-mail address is always written in lowercase.
If it does not work, please contact 10's Embroidery, take pictures of your screen so that I can see what goes wrong, of course we always solve the problem.

Q: Why are all “Poopie Bags” made in an appliqué and not a filled pattern?
A: It takes a long time for the whole dog to be embroidered in regular stitches, the dogs also consist of many details and it becomes ugly and sometimes too thick.
I have chosen that they are always made in application and because I like the pattern the most.
If you have other questions, please feel free to contact 10's Embroidery and read the general terms and conditions, there may also be answers to your questions.
Greetings Jantina 10’s Embroidery